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Application Request

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1 to 10 Employees

Annaul Turnover Below Rs. 15Mn

Importing of finished products

11 to 50 Employees

Annaul Turnover Below Rs 15Mn- 250Mn

Importing & locally manufacturing products

51 to 300 Employees

Annaul Turnover Below Rs. 250Mn.-750Mn.

Only locally manufacturing of products

51 to 300 Employees

Above Rs.750Mn


(Non Critical Raw Materials ) Eg : Black Tea, Green Tea, Herbal Tea, VCO, Spices, Water, Activated Carbon, Oats, Rice, Desiccated Coconut, Fish Based, Pulses

Consignment of Black Tea, Green Tea, Spices, Virgin Coconut Oil

Flavored Tea


(Critical Raw Materials) Eg: Ice Cone, Coconut based, Confectionery, Bakery, Condiments, Dairy, Energy drink, Flavor, Sauce, Seasoning, Bread crumb, Non- food Industry

Commissary Kitchen & Retail / Sales Outlets

Poultry &/or Value Added Meat Processing


Local only

Including GCC Countries

Excluding GCC Countries

Add more Locations

Foot Notes

  1. Classification of organizations as Micro, Small, Medium & Large is based on the schedule published by the Ministry of Industry & Commerce, May, 2016
  2. A multinational company (MNC) can be defined as having its prime ownership outside the shores of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, whilst it operates within the country as a manufacturing concern, marketing and selling local & global brands.
  3. HAC may call for documentary evidence or for an explanation in the scenario whereby the details provided above, may require further verification.