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Complaints & Appeal

Procedure Appeal

A request to HAC, in writing, made by a Halal compliance certificate holder of HAC to reconsider the decision made by HAC relating to their certification.


HAC for all intent and purposes defines complaints as an expression of dissatisfaction, given in writing, about the service levels offered by HAC or the conduct of one or more of HAC employees or a dispute over HAC decisions.

HAC’s Complaint & Appeal Process
  1. Any party or client of HAC can file a complaint or an appeal, in writing, directly to Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
  2. Any HAC employee receiving a complaint/ an appeal, in writing, shall forward it to Head of CAMC within the next working day.
  3. The complaint or appeal, in writing, shall reach the Head of CAMC in HAC by not later than 12 working days from the date of the incident/issue under reference in the said complaint or appeal.
  4. Each customer complaint or appeal shall be registered in the Complaint and Appeal Register maintained for the purpose and assigned a sequential number for reference by Management Representative.
  5. The Head of CAMC shall within five working days cause to acknowledge receipt of the complaint, in writing, stating that the complaint or appeal is under due processing and the outcome will be intimated at the earliest date.
  6. The Head of CAMC shall determine the acceptability of the complaint or appeal based on the evidence received for the same.
  7. The Head of CAMC may decide not to accept the complaint or appeal, and shall notify the complainant / appellant the reason for not accepting the same. However, the complainant or appellant shall have the opportunity to provide additional evidence to support their case. The complainant or appellant may approach the Head of CAMC or Chief Executive Officer to seek revocation of non-acceptance.
  8. After revocation of the non-acceptance, the complaint or appeal shall be forwarded to the CAMC for necessary action.
  9. The CAMC shall meet to assess the complaint or appeal and initiate the due process of enquires by assigning and delegating works to persons. The CAMC shall meet to assess and evaluate the input received to for its admissibility as authentic, reliable and collaborative evidence relevant to the processing of the complaint.
  10. The CAMC shall draw the conclusion based on the critical analysis of above inputs and report it as the conclusive decision of CAMC.
  11. The final decision shall be arrived at either unanimously or by voting of majority members in favour of the decision.
  12. The decision shall be conveyed to the Complainant of appellant, in writing, under the joint signatures of the Head of CAMC and a member of CAMC delivered under registered mail.
  13. CAMC shall suggest or recommend the appropriate correction and corrective action as required and the recommended corrective action shall be taken by QR.
  14. The summary of the Complaints/Appeals, action taken shall be as a part of Management Review Input.
  15. Complaints and appeals from consumers – If the complaint is found to be justified, then the client shall require to compensate for damages (s) caused by under relevant provision of contract.