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Halal Certification

Certification Fee

The HAC has employed scientific and technical experts and highly skilled professionals in every necessary field of organizational management in order to deliver the highest possible level of quality in service to clients who volunteer to incorporate Halal standards in their manufacturing processes and supply chains. As such it obviously becomes necessary to charge a reasonable fee for the delivery of the service, revenue of which are all reinvested into the organization with any further excesses provided for selected national causes.

HAC's certification fee is ascertained by considering the following factors:
  • Sector of operation: product, food premises, poultry, endorsement
  • Category of products: bakery, dairy, confectionaries etc.
  • Criticality of raw materials/ingredients used: meat, flavours, stabilizers etc.
  • Complexity of Halal certification work involved
  • Minimum audit time required for certification audit
  • Frequency of audits
  • No. of points of audit: production sites & or outlets
  • Scale of operation
  • Market access for certified products: local and/or export

If an establishment is desirous to obtain HAC’s Halal certificate; based on its initial request formally presented through a letter of intent, a quotation will be shared, taking into consideration the aforementioned criteria.