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About HAC

HAC Policies

Policies are a declaration of guiding principles relating key governance and operational aspects of HAC activities. Accordingly, HAC has in place several key policies that have received the endorsement of commitment and approval of the Board of Management to be upheld in practice by all concerned in letter and in spirit.

The principles embedded in these Policies shall govern strategic decisions taken at the very highest level in HAC downward and influence various Standard Operational Procedures and Guidelines that shall be in full alignment the Policies.

It is understood that Policies established in HAC shall serve as a reliable measure of performance of its activities and facilitate accountability by those responsible for implementation of activities.Above all, Policies adopted by HAC ensure best practices and norms in the industry and shall bind its stakeholders for compliance.

The Key Policies of HAC are explained in brief below.

Quality Policy

"Halal Accreditation Council is committed to meet client satisfaction through strong compliance to HAC halal standards, guidelines, legal and other applicable requirements including continual improvement in the quality of halal compliance certification service"

The commitment to quality and continuous improvement at Halal Accreditation Council is maintained through the active participation and involvement of all employees.

Impartiality Policy

HAC is conscious of the fact and the need for impartiality in all its activities being a Halal compliant certification body that is required to earn the fullest confidence of all stakeholders especially its clients (the certificate holders) and the consumers who place their utmost confidence on the permissibility to use of products Halal compliance certified.

HAC, its Board of Management, employees and related parties confirm that they all understand the importance of impartiality and the need to avoid recognizable threats to impartiality such as potential conflict of interests, bias, partiality, unfair treatment, etc. in carrying its responsibilities and activities relating to halal certification.

HAC shall demonstrate adherence to and maintenance of impartiality in all its activities with the implementation of procedure in place for this purpose.