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What is Halal

Misconceptions on Halal

Some common misconceptions about Halal have been clarified below:

  • Halal is only for Muslims
    Some individuals have the misconception that whatever is deemed ‘Halal’, especially with regards to food and drink, can only be consumed by Muslims. This is completely wrong as Halal is defined as whatever is permissible for Muslims to consume, and not special products reserved for Muslim consumption only. Many countries have Muslim and non-Muslim communities living side by side with complete convergence with regards to the consumption of Halal.
  • Halal food is devoted/dedicated to God
    Although some religions practice the offering of certain food items to the divine entities they believe in, no such practice is found in the teachings of Islam. All food prepared is for human consumption and in no way can be left at an altar as an offering to God. Halal does not mean an offering to God, but rather means, permissible for consumption by Muslims or Halal conscious consumers.
  • Halal causes infertility
    The imposition of Halal standards on food and drink in no way causes such products to be ingredients of infertility. No authentic scientific study has ever claimed so, and in fact, many academic research points to consumption of Halal food as wholesome, hygienic and good for general health.
  • Halal is used for Black Magic
    The religion of Islam completely prohibits the practice, study or commission of black magic in any form whatsoever and warns its followers from even approaching from afar. Thus, to think that Halal is connected to Black Magic and that those who consume it are affected by its harmful effects is completely baseless.
  • Halal attempts to divide society
    The imposition of Halal standards attempts in no way to divide society into Halal consumers and non-Halal consumers. Rather, it only attempts to facilitate the constitutional right of all peoples to exercise free will in purchasing consumer items. Availability of Halal products freely in the market guarantees freedom of choice for all people.
  • HAC Halal certified companies are exposed to the undue disclosure of their product and manufacturing secrets.
    The HAC is a duly registered, professional organization overseen by eminent, long standing and highly reputed individuals in Sri Lankan society. It aims to function for the foreseeable future as a going concern. It is in no way rational for it to be involved in unprincipled, illegal, unethical and immoral activities such as the revealing of a client’s secret production methods.