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About HAC

Halal Logo


HAC is the legal owner of three types of logos having registered them with the National Intellectual Property Office of Sri Lanka.

The three types of logos are as shown below:




HAC authorizes the use of TYPE 1 and/or TYPE 2 ONLY for products certified by HAC and specifically mentioned in a valid HAC Halal Compliant Certificate, which is binding for specified time frame decided by HAC from the date of issuance, which is then renewable for a similar period thereafter at the discretion of HAC.

All products exported, including GCC Countries MUST use the TYPE 2 logo to depict the Halal status.


The Logos of HAC is A CERTIFICATION MARK that provides an endorsement to the buyers and users of the product bearing the logo, that the product meets a defined standard as certified by HAC’s Halal Compliant Certification.

HAC being the legal owner of the above-mentioned logos shall permit only a holder of a valid HAC Halal Compliant Certificate to use the said logos subject to related terms and conditions of certification.

Functions of hac halal logo

The presence of HAC’s Halal Logo serves:

  1. to identify the product or the food premise as being Halal compliant certified by HAC.
  2. to enable the product owner to distinguish the product from other products
  3. to help the product owner to reach the Halal conscious consumers.
  4. to facilitate the consumer to make the choice with ease.

Terms and conditions of usage of hac halal logo
  1. HAC is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights associated with the HAC Halal logos. Authorized users of the HAC Halal logos acknowledge that the ownership of the logos are with HAC.
  2. HAC reserves the right to take action against any usage of the logo’s that does not conform to the conditions set forth herein, or that infringes any intellectual property or other rights of HAC or violates applicable law. All use of or goodwill associated with the logo shall convey to the benefit of HAC.
  3. Use of HAC Halal logos does not indicate or create any endorsement, approval, sponsorship or affiliation of or with the product owner by HAC.
  4. In the event of withdrawal or suspension of given certification, HAC reserve the right to prevent the usage of its Halal Logos/Marks and have the right to recall all products bearing the said Halal Logos/Marks (i.e. packaging materials in stock or with printers).
  5. If the certificate holder fails to renew their certificate, the HAC Halal logo shall not be used at the premise/s or on the manufactured products.
  6. The HAC Halal logos are provided without warranties of any kind, express or implied, including without limitation, warranties of title of non-infringement. Use of the logos are solely at the own risk of the product manufacturer/owner.
  7. The HAC Halal Logos cannot be reproduced from any other source other than from the originals provided on an appropriate media by HAC.
  8. The HAC Halal logos shall be reproduced in mono or full colour only with the prior approval and permission of HAC in writing.
  9. The specifications relating to size, color etc. of HAC Halal logos shall be made available to valid HAC Halal compliant certificate holders who request it in writing from HAC.
  10. HAC hereby grants the product owner’s permission to use HAC Halal logos, subject to agreement with the following:
    1. The logo shall be used solely for conveying to discerning consumers that the product is Halal compliant certified by HAC.
    2. The logo shall always be clearly displayed on products that are manufactured/produced during the validity period of the HAC Halal compliance certificate.
    3. The logo shall always stand-alone, easily distinguishable and shall not be combined with any other graphical elements.
    4. The logo shall NOT be altered in any manner including its proportions, font, design, arrangement, colors or elements or animated, morphed or otherwise distorted in perspective or appearance.
    5. The logo shall not appear more prominently than name and brand signage of the product or its owner.
    6. The logo shall be displayed in a positive manner and shall not be used in any way to cause harm, disrepute, and adversely affect the name and image of HAC.
    7. The logo shall not appear along with or by the side of any other image/objects, which HAC finds in its sole discretion to be objectionable or which includes obscene, pornographic, violent, intolerant, tasteless, denigrating or sexually oriented content or materials.
    8. The logo shall NOT create or give the appearance of creating an endorsement, approval, sponsorship, affiliation or recommendation of any product by HAC, except the fact the product complies with HAC standards of Halal compliance.
    9. The HAC Halal logo shall not be used or displayed in any way that disparages HAC; infringes any intellectual property or other rights of HAC; violates any national or international law, or diminishes or otherwise damages the goodwill and reputation of HAC.