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About HAC

Corporate Structure

The Halal Accreditation Council (Guarantee) Limited is an organization incorporated under the Companies’ Act No. 7 of 2007 as a Company Limited by Guarantee. It focuses on providing services resulting from a professional management process guided by international best practices and contemporary corporate governance.

Overview of HAC
  • A team of about 40 fulltime staff engaged in day to day operations.
  • Audits are carried out for all Halal certified products of over 230 companies located across Sri Lanka.
  • Our certification is recognized and accepted in almost all countries in the world due to HAC's affiliation with other reputed membership of International Halal authorities.
  • Many leading brands in the country are Halal certified by HAC
HAC – Members of Council (11 Founders)
  • Dr. Aboobacker Haroon
    Chairman / Partner Lucky Industries
  • Vidya Jyothi Prof. Rezvi Sheriff
    Former Director of the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine
  • Mr. M. Muslim Salahudeen
    Founder and CEO of Mushan International
  • Mr. Fouzul Hameed
    Managing director of Hameedia
  • Mr. M.H.M. Fazal
    Managing Director - American Premium Water Systems
  • Mr. M. Rameez Nalir
    (JP) Whole Island. Proprietor Dresspoint President – Dehiwela Mt’ Lavinia Masjid Federation
  • Mr. Fazal Issadeen
    Founder Chairman/Managing Director at Datamation Systems (Pvt) Ltd
  • Mr. Ali Fatharally
    Director , Global Commodity Solutions (Pvt) Ltd
  • Mr. M.M. Zuhair, PC
    President’s Counsel Lawyer
  • Mr. Mohamed Hisham
    Co-Founder Tellida CEO, Zam Zam Foundation
  • Mr. Ahmed Irfan
    Founder Innovation Quotient
The Board of Management

The Board of Management of HAC consists of academically and professionally qualified, well experienced and multi-talented professionals providing corporate governance guidance for the sustenance and improvement of the Council’s operations with a more direct and hands-on approach. Directors in the Board of Management are:

  • Mr. Ali Fatharally (Chairman)
  • Mr. T. K. Azoor
  • Mr. M. U. M. Hussain
  • Mr. Aakif A Wahab
    (CEO - HAC)
  • Mr. Annes Junaid
  • Mr. Rizvi Zaheed
  • Mr. Abdullah Kassim
  • Mr. Riyaz Sangani
  • Ms. Zahara Ansary
The Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee’s role is to set out and approve the Halal-standards for the HAC certification processes based on appropriate religious rulings pertaining to permissibility of certified products for consumption. The Committee is composed of learned scholars who regularly meet along with professionals of scientific and technical backgrounds to review, monitor and to continuously improve HAC’s Halal standards.

Members of Compliance Committee are:

  • Ash Sheikh Mufthi K. H. M. A. Mafaz
    Chairman, Compliance Committee
  • Ash Sheikh M. Arkam Nooramith
  • Ash Sheikh M. Abdullah
  • Ash Sheikh Insaf Mashood
  •  Ash Sheikh Mufthi Mohamed Mustafa Raza Mohamed Zaffer
Committee for Safeguarding Impartiality

The prime role of the CSI (aka: Impartiality Committee) periodically review activities of HAC certification process and related activities are being carried out in a professional and systematic manner to avoid recognizable threats to impartiality such as potential conflict of interests, bias, partiality, unfair treatment, etc.

HAC shall demonstrate adherence to and maintenance of impartiality in all its activities with implementation of standards, operating procedures, guidelines etc.

Members of Committee for Safeguarding Impartiality are:

  •   Mr. Fawzan Ahamed (Chairman, CSI)
  •  Mr. Aakif Wahab (CEO - HAC)
  • Al-Alima Faizal Ahmed Hameed Fathima Hafsah
  • Al-Alima Fathima Fazna Faiz
  • Mr. Ameer Hamza
Complaints & Appeals Management Committee

The role of CAMC is to uphold the Complaints and Appeals Management Policy which shall reflect responsibility, transparency, timeliness and impartiality in the manner of handling, resolving and documenting complaints and appeals. HAC takes serious note of complaints and appeals, considering its importance as:

  • A means to detect deficiencies in its client services, related internal processes
  • A means to gauge the level of customer satisfaction
  • An opportunity to effect continuous process improvement and customer satisfaction levels

Members of Committee for Complaints & Appeals Management Committee are:

  • Mr. Aakif A Wahab
  • Mr. M. U. M. Hussain
  • Ms. Fathima Hafsa Ifthikar
  • Al-Alima Yusra Iqbal Sattar