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Halal Certification

Schemes & Requirement

HAC offers the following Halal certification schemes to cater to the various industry requirements

1. HAC General Scheme – Applicable to all countries excluding GCC member countries

Currently, HAC offers Halal certification, which is categorized in to the following, listed under the HAC general scheme;

SectorScope of certification
Product Sector (PS)Product Sector includes products which are fully or partially manufactured/processed /packed in Sri Lanka or any other country, and will include manufacturers, producers, sub-contract manufacturers, re-packaging agents, etc.
HAC-TNC-04-HAC Halal Certrification Terms  Conditions - PS   Ver 3.0  @ 2022.02.07
Poultry Abattoir Sector (PAS)

Poultry Abattoir Sector includes premises where the complete process of slaughtering, processing, packaging and distributing of poultry take place.

HAC-TNC-05-HAC Halal Certification Terms Conditions - PAS Ver 2.0 @ 2022.02.09.pdf

Food Premise Sector (FPS)The Food Premise Sector includes premises where food and beverage businesses are managed within the HoReCa segment, which include restaurants, food courts, commercial kitchen, centralized kitchens, cafeterias, cake and pastry shops, fast food canteens, hotels, caterers, etc.
HAC-TNC-06-HAC Halal Certification Terms Conditions - FPS Ver 2.0 @ 01.11.2017.pdf
Endorsement Sector (ES)Endorsement sector includes imported finished products related to food, beverages, Ayurvedic personal and health care, to be sold in its original from, i.e a finished sealed product without any operation of repacking or processing taking place in Sri Lanka. HAC would endorse a Halal certificate that has been issued by a HAC recognized foreign Halal certification body
HAC-TNC-07-HAC Halal Certification Terms Conditions - ES - Ver 1.0 @ 2017.12.21.pdf

Other applicable standards/criteria

  • General Guidelines for the Handling and Processing of Halal Food (HAC/STD/03)
2. GSO Scheme - Applicable to all countries, including GCC member countries

Currently, HAC offers its Halal certification, under the GSO scheme limited to that of the Product Sector (PS) and Poultry Abattoir Sector (PAS) only.

The product category and range of products for certification under GSO scheme is listed in the following table:

Category codesCategoryProducts
CIProcessing of perishable animal productsProduction of animal products including fish and seafood, meat, eggs, dairy and fish products
Processing of perishable plant products

Production of plant products including fruits and fresh juices, vegetables, grains, nuts and pulses




Processing of perishable animal and plant products( mixed products) 

Processing of ambient stable products

Animal Slaughtering

Noodles, Bakery Products, Herbal Production of mixed animal and plant products including pizza, lasagne, sandwich, dumpling, ready-to-eat meals.

Production of food products from any source that are stored and sold ambient temperature, including canned foods, biscuits, snacks, oil, drinking water, beverages, pasta, flour, tea, spices, noodles

Processing of carcases including slaughtering in slaughterhouses, cutting, cleaning and packing

Other applicable standards/criteria

  • GSO 2055-1 Halal Products - Parts 1: General Requirements for Halal Food
  • GS0 993 Animal Slaughtering Requirements According to Islamic Rules
  • General Guidelines for the Handling and Processing of Halal Food (HAC/STD/03)