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Cereal Mix
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Certified Products

  1. Breakfast Cereal- Multi Grain
  2. Breakfast Cereal with Natural Bee's Honey- Honey Bee
  3. Chocolate Centered Cereal- Choco Blobs
  4. Multigrain Chocolate Centered Cereal- Choco Grains
  5. Sweetened Cereal Crisp with Cocoa- Choco Chips
  6. 4 GB- Nutra
  7. 4 GB- Choxy
  8. GB- Raisins

Convenience Foods (Lanka) PLC
133, 7th Lane, Off Borupana Rd, Kandawala, Ratmalana
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Plenty Foods (Pvt) Ltd
No 108/3, Sir Jhon Kothalawala Mawatha, Kandawala, Rathmalana.
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