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Cereal Mix
Halal Certified
Certified Products

  1. Breakfast Cereal  Multi Grain
  2. Breakfast Cereal with Natural Bee's Honey  Honey Bee
  3. Chocolate Centered Cereal  Choco Blobs
  4. Multigrain Chocolate Centered Cereal – Choco Grains
  5. Sweetened Cereal Crisp with Cocoa  Choco Chips
  6. 4 GB  Nutra
  7. 4 GB  Choxy
  8. GB  Raisins

Plenty Foods (Pvt) Ltd
No 108/3, Sir Jhon Kothalawala Mawatha, Kandawala, Rathmalana.
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Convenience Foods (Lanka) PLC
133, 7th Lane, Off Borupana Rd, Kandawala, Ratmalana
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