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The products and brands listed below are certified for industrial use only.


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Certified Products

  1. Edible Bovine Skin Gelatin 160-180
    [Source: Turkey]
  2. Bovine Skin Gelatin 230-250 Bloom
    [Source: Turkey]
  3. Edible Bovine Skin Gelatin (Beef Gelatin) 250-270 Bloom 20 Mesh
    [Source: Turkey]
  4. Edible Bovine Skin Gelatin 200-220 Bloom
    [Source: Turkey]
  5. Gelatin

Tastyy (Pvt) Ltd
No.469/12, Srimavo Bandaranayke Mawatha Colombo-14
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Hayleys Aventura (Pvt) Ltd
25, Foster Lane, Colombo-10.
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