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The products and brands listed below are certified for industrial use only.

Certified Products

  1. Carrot Granules
  2. Carrot Julienne
  3. Egg White Powder
  4. Egg Yolk Powder
  5. Garlic Flakes
  6. Garlic Granules
  7. Garlic Mini Flakes
  8. Garlic Powder
  9. Leek Flakes
  10. Leek Rings
  11. Onion Kibbled
  12. Onion Powder
  13. Plated Oleoresin Black Pepper- Starch
  14. Plated Oleoresin Garlic- Starch
  15. Plated Oleoresin Ginger- Starch
  16. Plated Oleoresin Turmeric- Starch
  17. Plated Oleoresin Capsicum- Starch
  18. Potato Flakes
  19. White Onion Powder
  20. Whole Egg Powder

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Certified Brands