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Yoghurt , Jelly , Puddings , Desserts
Halal Certified
Certified Products

  1. Aloe Drinking Yoghurt
  2. Aloe Jelly Yoghurt
  3. Chocolate Pudding
  4. Dairy Dessert with Mango Flavoured Jelly
  5. Dairy Dessert with Strawberry Flavoured Jelly
  6. Drinking Yoghurt Strawberry Flavoured
  7. Full Cream Fresh Milk
  8. Mango Flavoured Drinking Yoghurt
  9. Mixed Berry Drinking Yoghurt
  10. Set Yoghurt
  11. Strawberry Drinking Yoghurt
  12. Vanilla Flavoured Drinking Yoghurt
  13. Vanilla Pudding

CIC Dairies (Pvt) Ltd
No. 199, Kew Road, Colombo 02.
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