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The products and brands listed below are certified for industrial use only.

Certified Products

  1. Bandrilla
  2. BBQ Seasoning Oil with High Oleic Sunflower Oil
  3. Bitter Gourd 
  4. Black Olives
  5. Bread Fruit
  6. Cassava Flour
  7. Chilli Chicken Paste with Sunflower Oil
  8. Cinnamon Drink
  9. Cinnamon Drink with Bee Honey
  10. Diced Dill Relish 
  11. Dill Pickle
  12. Dragon Fruit Juice
  13. Dragon Fruit Juice with Pieces
  14. Dragon Fruit Pieces in Sugar Syrup
  15. Dried Ginger
  16. Dried Jackfruit
  17. Dried Turmeric
  18. Fried Onion Oil Seasoning
  19. Garlic with Bee Honey
  20. Gherkins
  21. Jack Fruit in Brine
  22. Jack Fruit in Water
  23. Jalapeno
  24. King Coconut Water
  25. King Coconut Water with Bee Honey
  26. Kohila 
  27. Lime Juice
  28. Mango Juice
  29. Mango Juice with Pieces
  30. Mango Paste
  31. Mango Pieces in Sugar Syrup
  32. Manioc
  33. Mixed Fruit Chunks (Mango, Pineapple, Papaya, Passion) in Sugar Syrup
  34. Mixed Fruit Juice (Mango, Pineapple, Papaya, Passion)
  35. Mixed Fruit Juice (Mango, Pineapple, Papaya, Passion) with Pieces
  36. Mixed Fruit Juice with Pineapple Pieces
  37. Mixed Pickle 
  38. Moringa Pods
  39. Organic Dehydrated Banana
  40. Organic Dehydrated Banana Powder
  41. Organic Dehydrated Jackfruit Powder
  42. Organic Dehydrated Mango
  43. Organic Dehydrated Papaya
  44. Organic Dehydrated Pineapple
  45. Organic Dehydrated Ripen Jackfruit
  46. Organic Dehydrated Watermelon
  47. Organic Dehydrated Young Jackfruit
  48. Organic Moringa Leaf Powder
  49. Organic Moringa Tea Flakes
  50. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
  51. Papaya Juice
  52. Papaya Juice with Pieces
  53. Papaya Paste
  54. Papaya Pieces in Sugar Syrup
  55. Pickled Onion
  56. Pineapple Juice
  57. Pineapple Juice with Mango Pieces
  58. Pineapple Juice with Mixed Fruit Chunks (Mango, Pineapple, Papaya, Passion)
  59. Pineapple Juice with Papaya Pieces
  60. Pineapple Juice with Pieces
  61. Pineapple Pieces in Sugar Syrup
  62. Rambutan in Sugar Syrup
  63. Salted Red Chilli
  64. Seasoning Oil Fried Onion with Sunflower Oil
  65. Seasoning Paste Chili Chicken 3g V3
  66. Seasoning Paste Spicy Blast with Sunflower
  67. Seasoning Sac Paste Biriyani V1
  68. Seasoning Sac Paste Chili Chicken 3G V2
  69. Seasoning Sac Paste Nasi Goreng V1
  70. Seasoning Sac Paste Spicy Blast V3
  71. Sweet Pickles
  72. Sweet Relish
  73. Wood Apple  in Sugar Syrup
  74. Wood Apple Juice
  75. Wood Apple with their Own Juice

HJS Condiments Ltd
61,61A, 62 & 63, BEPZ, Biyagama, Export Processing Zone, (B.E.P.Z), Biyagama.
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