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  1. Low Fat Fresh Milk
  2. Non Fat Fresh Milk
  3. Tetra Pack Full Cream Fresh Milk
  4. Pasteurised Chocolate Milk
  5. Pasteurised Strawberry Milk
  6. Tetra Pack Chocolate Flavoured Milk
  7. Tetra Pack Strawberry Flavoured Milk
  8. Tetra Pack Vanilla Flavoured Milk
  9. Tetra Pack Iced Coffee
  10. Cheese Spread
  11. Processed Cheese
  12. Spiced Processed Cheese
  13. Swiss Cheese
  14. Curd
  15. Classic Drinking Yoghurt
  16. Mango Flavored Drinking Yoghurt
  17. Mixed Berry Drinking Yoghurt
  18. Orange Drinking Yoghurt
  19. Strawberry Flavoured Drinking Yoghurt
  20. Vanilla Flavoured Drinking Yoghurt
  21. Berry Mixed Low Fat Yoghurt
  22. Real Mango Stirred Low Fat Yoghurt
  23. Real Mixed Berry Stirred Low Fat Yoghurt
  24. Real Strawberry Stirred Low Fat Yoghurt
  25. Set Yoghurt
  26. Yoghurt  Kiri Pani
  27. Cheese Spread with Green Chilli
  28. Cheese Spread with Pepper
  29. Cheese Wedges with Onion
  30. Cheese Wedges with Green Chilli

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