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Cocoa Powder , Chocolates
Halal Certified
Certified Products

  1. Biscuit Pudding
  2. Biscuit Topping
  3. Chocolate Spread
  4. Cocoa Based Confectionery (For Use in Bakery Products)
  5. Dark Bake Stable Compound Chocolate filling
  6. Dark Choco Block
  7. Dark Choco Compound
  8. Dark Choco Compound No added sugar
  9. Dark Chocolate chips
  10. Dark Chocolate cream filling
  11. Dark Compound Chocolate
  12. Dark Compound Chocolate Buttons
  13. Dark Compound Chocolate chips
  14. Dark Compound Chocolate chips-Pre Mix
  15. Dark Compound Chocolate coating
  16. Dark Compound Chocolate Sticks
  17. Dark compound chocolate topping
  18. Dark Compound Chocolate-Pre Mix
  19. Dark Couverture Biscuit Topping
  20. Dark Couverture Buttons
  21. Dark Couverture Chips(No added sugar)
  22. Dark Couverture Chocolate
  23. Dark Couverture No added sugar
  24. Dark Cream Biscuit
  25. Dark Cream Wafer
  26. Dark Enrobing Chocolate- Premium
  27. Drinking Chocolate Powder
  28. Icing Sugar
  29. Milk Bake Stable Compound Chocolate Filling
  30. Milk Choco Compound
  31. Milk Chocolate cream filling
  32. Milk Compound Biscuit Topping
  33. Milk Compound Chocolate
  34. Milk Compound Chocolate Buttons
  35. Milk Compound Chocolate chips
  36. Milk Compound Chocolate chips-Pre Mix
  37. Milk Compound Chocolate coating
  38. Milk Compound Chocolate Coating- MAG
  39. Milk Compound Chocolate Enrobing
  40. Milk Compound Chocolate-Pre Mix
  41. Milk Couverture Biscuit Topping
  42. Milk Couverture Chocolate
  43. Mint compound chocolate coating
  44. Premix Choco Pie
  45. Premix Dark Bake Stable Cookie Filling
  46. Premix Dark Cream Filling
  47. Strawberry compound chocolate coating
  48. White Bake Stable Compound Chocolate filling
  49. White Choco Compound
  50. White Chocolate cream filling
  51. White Compound Chocolate
  52. White Compound Chocolate Buttons
  53. White Compound Chocolate chips
  54. White Compound Chocolate chips-Pre Mix
  55. White Compound Chocolate coating
  56. White Compound Chocolate-Pre Mix
  57. White Couverture Buttons
  58. White Couverture Chips
  59. White Couverture Chocolate
  60. White Cream Biscuit
  61. White Cream Wafer
  62. Dark Compound Coating C-1
  63. Dark Compound Spray Coating C-2 (2020-100 Dark Compound Coating - CS)
  64. Cocoa Powder
  65. Milk Compound Choco Chips
  66. Choco Dip – Choco Topping
  67. White Compound Chocolate Coating – C3

Anods Cocoa (Pvt) Ltd
No 66,Gampolagedara,Pugoda 10660,Srilanka.
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