E Number are a specific numbering system practised in European Union countries (INS Numbers in other countries) to identify food additives used in food industry. These E Numbers are not formulated based on Sources of Food additives. Same E Number is assigned for a food additive derived from a Halal source or Haraam source. Halal status of a food additive cannot be decided based only on the E Number. It would be difficult for the common person to distinguish what is Halal. Therefore, there is a need for a stringent screening of the raw materials used for respective status

The E numbers are categorized as follows: 

  • E 100 – E 199  (Colours)
  • E 200 – E 299  (Preservatives)
  • E 300 – E 399  (Antioxidants, Acidity Regulators)
  • E 400 – E 499  (Thickeners, Stabilizers, Emulsifiers)
  • E 500 – E 599  (Acidity Regulators, Anti-Caking Agents)
  • E 600 – E 699  (Flavour Enhancers)
  • E 900 – E 999  (Surface Coating Agents, Gases, Sweeteners)
  • E 1000 – E 1999 (Additional Chemicals)