About Us

The Halal Accreditation Council (Guarantee) Limited, or HAC, is the only entity certifying and conducting professional and internationally accepted compliance audits for Halal standards in Sri Lanka. A not for profit organization duly incorporated under the Companies’ Act No. 7 of 2007, the HAC was founded by some of Sri Lanka’s leading and respected captains of industry and professionals from diverse areas of specialization with the objective of fulfilling the need to issue certification on and subsequently monitor the compliance of international standards of Halal compliance within the island.

With this Halal certification and compliance auditing service in place, Sri Lankan corporates, especially in the export sector, are poised to enter into and thrive in the global Halal market which is estimated to make up 2 Trillion US dollars representing the purchasing power of close to 2 billion Halal conscious consumers.

Halal standards, while known to be based on certain religious principles, call for the utmost quality, safety and benefit in products for all human beings including consumers of different faiths and cultures.

With the aim of being a professional organization of international repute, the HAC has partnered with the foremost religious scholars in Sri Lanka in order to benefit from their expertise in establishing Halal standards locally and to maintain credibility among Halal conscious consumers both here and abroad. 

The HAC has also employed scientific and technical experts and highly skilled professionals in every necessary field of organizational management in order to deliver the highest possible level of quality in service to corporate clients who volunteer to incorporate Halal standards in their manufacturing processes and supply chains.

As such it obviously becomes necessary to charge a reasonable fee for the delivery of the service, revenue of which are all reinvested into the organization with any further excesses provided for selected national causes.

The HAC envisions that this initiative would assist in the post war economic development of the country whilst creating appropriate awareness on the topic of Halal standards and ensuring the fulfilment of a reasonable constitutional right for people from diverse backgrounds to act upon their respective conscience in making important personal decisions.



"Halal Accreditation Council is committed to meet client satisfaction through strong compliance to HAC halal standards, guidelines, legal and other applicable requirements including continual improvement in the quality of halal compliance certification service"

Halal Accreditation Council is committed to maintaining an effective quality management system through the active involvement of all employees and to continually improve it.



HAC is conscious of the fact and the need for impartiality in all its activities being a Halal compliant certification body that is required to earn the fullest confidence of all stakeholders especially its clients (the certificate holders) and the consumers who place their utmost confidence on the permissibility to use of products Halal compliance certified.

HAC, its Board of Management, employees and related parties confirm that they all understand the importance of impartiality and the need to avoid recognizable threats to impartiality such as potential conflict of interests, bias, partiality, unfair treatment, etc. in carrying its responsibilities and activities relating to halal certification.

HAC shall demonstrate adherence to and maintenance of impartiality in all its activities with the implementation of procedure in place for this purpose.



Halal Accreditation Council (Guarantee) Limited is committed to the protection of information in its possession relating to either its clients or its own (collectively referred to as HAC information), and consider such information as a valuable business asset.  HAC will strive to mitigate risks associated with theft, loss, misuse, damage or abuse of this information or information systems. 

  • The main goal of information security at HAC is to ensure:
    • Confidentiality of information – sensitive HAC information shall only be accessible to those authorized to access such information.
    • Integrity of information – HAC information shall remain accurate, error free and without omissions.
    • Availability of information – authorized users shall have access to critical business information when required.
  • To meet the above information security goal, HAC has established and is operating an Information Security Management System (ISMS) aligned with ISO/IEC 27001:2013.
  • ISMS follows a systematic approach of continuous monitoring and improvement process which allows HAC to provide a safe and secure information system working environment for its employees and to ensure confidence of its clients that their information is safe with HAC.
  • The ISMS is implemented through a set of policies, procedures and standards, approved by HAC Management with responsibility of implementation delegated to the Information Security Steering Committee at the HAC, and adequately communicated to all information users.
  • All information users at HAC are equally committed to the implementation of information security related policies and shall be responsible for compliance.

Any breaches of information security, either suspected or actual, shall be promptly reported to the Information Security Officer (IS Officer).


Complaints and Appeals Management

HAC, its Board of Management, and Management having realized the importance of

complaints and appeals is committed to have in place an effective Complaints and

Appeals Management policy which will reflect responsibility, transparency, timeliness

and impartiality in the manner of handling and resolving complaints and appeals.

HAC will entertain and encourage complaints and appeals, and recognize its importance as below:

  • A means to detect deficiencies in its client services, related internal processes
  • A means to gauge the level of customer satisfaction
  • An opportunity to effect continuous process improvement and customer satisfaction levels

The HAC management principles in handling complaints and appeals are given below:

  • Upholding natural justice and procedural fairness and application of due process at all times.
  • The right to obtain and provide collaborative evidence to support the claims/contentions through reliable sources in person, documents etc.
  • The right to receive and to give due respect, to all concerned parties during the time of processing the complaint and thereafter.
  • The strict non-tolerance of interference, abusive, aggressive and disrespectful conduct and behavior, directly or in an implied manner towards concerned parties or their agents, employees and representatives.

Those who have complaints or appeals should do the following:

  • The complaint or appeal maybe submitted in writing to the Head of CAMC at HAC not later than 12 working days from the date of the incident/issue under reference in the said complaint or appeal.
  • HAC will not entertain Complaints of anonymous nature, where it is not possible to identify the complainant as an aggrieved party resulting in not being able to carry out the due process effectively and efficiently.